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Swirl red star trail

A "Swirl Red Star" Cursor Trail would create a dynamic and visually captivating effect as you navigate across the screen. This design would be characterized by a central red star that's enveloped by a swirling, vortex-like pattern. As you move your cursor, the central red star would follow, and the trail it leaves behind would be a continuous swirl of red lines and shapes, creating a mesmerizing and almost hypnotic effect. The swirling pattern could vary in intensity and complexity, with the star at its center remaining the focal point. When you click, the swirl might briefly intensify or momentarily burst into an explosion of red lines before gradually returning to its graceful, swirling motion. This Swirl Red Star Cursor Trail would be a visually engaging and artistic addition to your digital experience, making navigation a captivating journey of colors and patterns.
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